Modified Accrual Accounting Service

We use the accrual basis of accounting so that revenues are reported on the income statement when they are earned. Expenses will be matched, and monthly adjustments will be made.
A few things to get used to. 
Expect to receive a monthly report detailing
  • Monthly Recorded Revenue
  • Receivables and Age Report
  • Monthly Ledger
  • Profit & Loss statement
  • A statement of cash flows
  • Balance Sheet

The additional benefits of Hooks ‘n Books Modified Accrual Accounting Service

  • Administrative Assistance
    •  Local Assistance (Region locked)
    • Remote Assistance
    • Telephone Assistance
  • Income Tax planning and consultation
  • Retirement account consultation
  •  Scanning, Data Entry, Categorizing, and Filing
  • Access to the Hooks House Network
Subscription Options
Modified Accrual Accounting : $200.00 USD – monthly
Modified Accrual accounting with Tax : $300.00 USD – monthly
Modified Accrual Accounting with Payrol & Tax : $400.00 USD – monthly

Our goal is to get you beyond Tax Season and into the next fiscal year. Your business’s growth and direction is of the most importance, and our aim is to mitigate any distractions. So together we can find the perfect balance to keep your business hungry, the owners happy, and the employees healthy.