Your Accounting Options:

All of our fees are Annually-fixed and will never change without individual client notice.

  • Full AccrualOffice
    • We’ll schedule and pay your bills 
    • We’ll record paid bills and postpone bills
    • We’ll run your payroll and adjust for outsourced payroll
    • We’ll collect your receivables and record received payments
 Full Accrual will provide you with an entire back office. With us running the accounting behind the scenes of your business.
  • Modified Accrual 
    •  We’ll record your payments
    • We’ll record paid bills
    • We’ll reconcile and report stand banking and credit card activity
    • We’ll adjust for outsourced payroll
This option is for the firm that requires less manpower, needs a bit of assistance running the business through collecting on invoices, paying bills, running payroll, and reconciliation.

Cash Basis

  • We’ll collect receipts and record payments
  • We’ll record expenses and report revenue
  • We will record payroll adjustments and provide monthly reports.

Cash basis is the cheapest and most flexible option of the three.

This works well for the business that is trying to get off the ground like start-ups and new ventures. You will have full control of your business and be ready for tax season on time every year.


All option prices are circumstantial and are based on an individual basis. Using a variety of different factors to construct an affordable and agreeable fixed price.