It starts with you

We live in the golden age of technology. There is no better time than now to take advantage of the computing power on our desks, on our laps,  and in our pockets.

Tools of successMobile Phone

Online banking is a powerful tool,  a tool that is convenient, diverse, autonomous,  and highly underrated.

Do you use your smartphone to maximize your wealth building?

Most of us only use online banking for cash flow monitorization. We check our balances,  verify our income,  and observe posting expenses. “Pending.”


The “I can do it for my self-er. ” download-1

Rarely do we use the full arsenal of mobile and online banking. It’s time to make a change

Taking the You out of Saving

I frequently hear from clients,  friends,  and family members that they do not possess the saving mentality.

Usually summing it up along the lines of:

I’m not a saver,  I’m a spender.” burning dollar


What if I told you,  the secret to success is to save just a little bit of money every single week.


Would you admit defeat?

Imagine. Instead,  you started a bank account called “Pizza Money.” The money you saved Not eating at Dominos.  No offense Dominos.

The Point.

Or, are you the type to argue, I’m too set in my ways and will never be financially stable. I will counter argue, Yes, you will. 

All is not lost,  there is another way, a way,  using your tech savvy ingenuity. A way to save every week, without even trying. An easier way.

Automatic account transfers 


Approach saving money the same way you pay your Netflix, and  LA Fitness memberships. Automatic REOCCURRING account transfers.

Your job doesn’t offer 401ks? Invest in yourself automatically each week.

With apps like StashTd Ameritrade, and Betterment you have an abundant selection of investment vehicles at your fingertips. k12282224

The Foundation

I guarantee that this strategy will, at the very least, support the foundation of your financial goals.  You can make this small change and begin saving every single week.

About the Author:

Dezmone Hooks

Dezmone Hooks is a small business owner, a writer, and a business tax and financial consultant.


Dezmone works with Hooks Financial Services a team that focuses on the tax filing for families, entrepreneurs and small business with the objective to promote their growth and success. Follow Dezmone on Twitter: @Dez_Taxhooks for more of the latest tax tips and business advice.