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Our goal is to always deliver the best customer service and tax planning every single time. Our focal points are on compliance and customer value.

The average business spends















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Hooks n Books understands how to help small businesses. We’ll proactively share our expertise so you can focus on your business.


Employee time-tracking, payroll taxes, 940s and the whole nine yards.
We are here to help you make your EFTPS payments and stay up-to-date with all your payroll liabilities.









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Frequently Asked Questions

What is forward-thinking bookkeeping and taxes?

Traditionally, bookkeeping only looks backward at what has happened within your business. Let’s break tradition. As we handle your bookkeeping and taxes, we reach out to you with recommendations to save you money or grow your business. With our focus on businesses like yours, we get really good at it. And with our accounting software, we get really efficient at it (which keeps your costs lower, too).

Do I get a dedicated representative?

Yes, our goal is to make things simple: you communicate with one Hooks n Books expert but get the expertise of a seasoned team. You and your team will interact with one dedicated Hooks n Books expert who leverages our diverse team as opportunities, questions or exciting once-in-a-business-lifetime opportunities arise.

How long does it take to get started?

Fill out your contact information and a Hooks n Books expert will reach out to you shortly. We’ll set up the first appointment where we will dive into your bookkeeping situation and answer any questions. We’ll kick off the plan that works best for you.

Can I upgrade (or cancel) later?

Yes, and at any time!  Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel: we will change our services as your preferences or business needs change.

How does Hooks n Books data protection compare to my local CPA?

We’re fanatical about keeping your information safe and secure. We safely and securely store all your business’s information. And using Hooks n Books, you protect your accounting data from physical loss and theft. If your hard drive crashes or your laptop is stolen, your data remains safe online and it’s backed up in multiple locations.

Is it easy to migrate from another service?

No problem. Don’t wait until the end of the year; we will do the heavy lifting to get everything transitioned! We can catch your business up on a backlog of work and move your data from other professionals, services or software.

Have more questions?

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Ready to get started?

Fill out your contact information and a Hooks n Books expert will reach out to you shortly. We’ll set up an appointment where we’ll dive into your company and answer any questions.

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